A Question I get asked all the time is How long should a CLUTCH Last?  Well that all depends on who’s driving the car. Some people take it easy and there clutch lasts 100,000 miles. I’ve seen cases where like the one in the picture last 10,000 miles.  The driver really sets the pace. A good test is to roll at about 10 mph and put the transmission in the highest gear and put the accelerator to the floor if the engine revs up your clutch is slipping.

At MINI Cooper Experts We will be happy to assist you with all your clutch needs.

The average Dealer price for a clutch is $4,550 the Independants charge $2,698.00 Our Price is $1399.00 We use MINI factory components, Unlike the LUK or Valeo after market clutch kits.  Give us a call. 626.963.6333. We  perform all types of clutch repairs. Slave Cylinder, Standard Transmission Rebuild, and replacment Clutchs for up to 40% off dealer prices.

Right now we are having a Special on our Clutch replacment, wich includes friction disc, pressure plate, through out bearing, spindle tube and resurfacing the flywheel.  Call 626.963.6333 for an appointment today! Or E-mail us @ info@minicooperexperts.com